25th Anniversary Part 2

Tuesday, October 26th, 2021 // 6:00 PM EDT

Watch the premiere of our 25th anniversary video below!

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This Year We Honored...

It’s the milestones that move and motivate us: An 8th grade student’s graduation after her school provided the right special education supports she needed to learn. A family breathing easier in their mold-free home – and their son who hasn’t had an asthma attack in over a year. A grandfamily celebrating the anniversary of the day they finalized custody. A young woman walking into her new apartment after exiting foster care.

For 25 years, Children’s Law Center has celebrated the moments, big and small, that bring joy to our clients and underscore the impact of our work. Since 1996, we have had the audacity to believe that EVERY DC child deserves a stable family, good health and quality education. And we’ve had the tenacity to follow-through – child by child, family by family, law by law.

There is always time to join us as we celebrate our successes – made possible because of supporters like you!

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